Donation Calendar

These non-profit organizations will receive donations during 2019

January 2019

Non-Profit: Mars Hill Arts Center
Total Tips: $1,097

February 2019

Non-Profit: Indiana Youth Group
Total Tips: $1,193.65
Matching Organization: Eli Skinner/Simplify Real Estate $750

March 2019

Non-Profit: Horizon’s at St. Richard’s Episcopal
Total Tips: $1,023

April 2019

Non-Profit: We Care Indy
Total Tips: $1,235

May 2019

Non-Profit: Dathouse
Total Tips:

July 2019

Non-Profit: Indy Parks Foundation
Total Tips:

August 2019

Non-Profit: Kids’ Voice of Indiana
Total Tips:

September 2019

Non-Profit: Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library
Total Tips:

October 2019

Non-Profit: Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter
Total Tips:

November 2019

Non-Profit: Progress House
Total Tips:

Note: June 2019 and December 2019 tips will go to Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company staff

2018 Donation Calendar

These nonprofit organizations received tips from Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company in 2018

January 2018

Non-Profit: Business Ownership Initiative (BOI)
Total Tips: $1,000

April 2018

Non-Profit: Trusted Mentors
Total Tips: $1,428

May 2018

Non-Profit: Indy Hub and the IndyHub Foundation
Total Tips: $1,289

June 2018

Non-Profit: Grace on Wings
Total Tips: $1,118

July 2018

Non-Profit: Indy Parks Foundation
Total Tips: $1,304

August 2018

Non-Profit: SAFY of Indianapolis
Total Tips: $1,210

September 2018

Non-Profit: Gleaners
Total Tips: $1,002

October 2018

Non-Profit: Pink Ribbon Connection
Total Tips: $1,104

November 2018

Non-Profit: Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana
Total Tips: $1,054